Emília Simão no Noize | Critical Party

Vice-Diretora do curso de APM apresenta conferência no Noize | Critical Party
Emília Simão Vice-diretora do curso de Artes Plásticas e Multimédia da esGALLAECIA, apresenta amanhã dia 02 de Julho pelas 14h00 no Planetário do Porto, a conferência Psychedelic Tribe: Inner Worlds, Cosmic Worlds And Cyberspace, no âmbito da primeira prática imersiva NOIZE.
“It is with great pleasure that we announce the programming of the first immersive practice NOIZE, which will be held on 02.07.2018 in Porto, Portugal. NOIZE was born as a supra sensory activation experiment comprising the complementarity between poiésis and praxis. Music, performance, cinema, fashion: languages of activation of what is under, of everything that is compressed in the materiality of the act. Here is an attempt to escape, seeing under a scientific prism all that, par excellence, is ANTI: anti-academic, anti-detectable. Not the purism of forms, we want what implodes, the NOISE, and the sensitive calm chaos when the dust settles.
To the friends who will be in Portugal on this date, I leave here this invitation-call: come to be part of this CONSTRUCTION!”
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