The project ‘SEISMIC-V: Earthquake-Resistant Vernacular Culture in Portugal’ was developed under the support and funding of FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia), the national Foundation for Science and Technology (PTDC / ATP-AQI / 3934/2012).

The project was integrated in the ESG/ Escola Superior Gallaecia main research lines, namely the one dedicated to Architecture and Heritage. The research was developed in accordance with other parallel research activities, such as the European Research Project ‘VerSus: Lessons from Vernacular Architecture to Sustainable Development’, and the International CIAV2013 annual conference.

The project was submitted to the FCT program in the year 2012, under ESG’s coordination, with the partnership of the Engineering Departments of the University of Aveiro and the University of Minho, and with the support of the Portuguese Ministry of Culture. SEISMIC-V had also the support of CIAV, ISCEAH and the European University Centre for Cultural Heritage (Ravello, Italy). The project counted with the scientific advices of the Professors Julio Vargas and Ferruccio Ferrigni, both SEISMIC-V consultants.

The project was approved in 2012, overall rated as excellent by the FCT evaluation panel and recommended for funding.

The project started in July 2013, and finished in September 2015, under the coordination of Professor Mariana R. Correia (PI) consolidating a set of studies and reflections, which origins dates back to the ‘Taversism project’, developed in 2001.