The proposed project enclosed a programme of interdependent activities, which was carried out over four years timeframe.

The foreseen activities included an International Conference (Heritage 2020); scientific workshops (closely linked to the plenary meetings of the partnership); in situ technical workshops for the transfer of local knowledge (imparted by local craftsmen, professors and university students); creative workshops; survey missions (covering geographically the European territory); the creation of several dissemination tools as publications (illustrated book and a guideline booklet in different languages), inter-active communication tools (a website with a digital platform to support virtual reality, videos, digital booklet, digital book, app).

For a better understanding, development and structuring of the project itself, the activity plan was structured under two main axes:

Scientific and methodology activities

  • Project General Coordination
  • Plenary Meetings
  • Scientific, Technical and Creative Workshops
  • Data Collection & Survey Missions
  • Contents Development and Scientific Review
  • Closing International Conference

Communication and Dissemination Activities

  • Technical workshops for local impact actions and relation with local entities and craftsmen.
  • Edition and publication of a graphic booklet, guidelines for maintenance, to be printed in paper and as e-book.
  • Edition and publication of an illustrated paper and digital book.
  • Development of an interactive project website.
  • Multimedia communication tools (videos, apps, etc.).