3dPast develops a methodology to address in the three dimensions, which can be applied in the future in other heritage sites. Its procedure consists:

Phase 1 | Planning – It relates to the planning of the activities. It establishes the organization procedures.
Phase 2 | Data Collection – To address data collection for the different dimensions in the sites, in local and national archives, international institutions, and Internet.
Phase 3 | Content development – a) To define methodological guidelines for a consistent approach in the different dimensions and sites following data collection; b) To produce content development considering the aimed outputs in the different dimensions; To address capacity building in all the dimensions, through technical and scientific workshops;
Phase 4 | Implementation of communication tools – To implement the developed content through effective communication tools;
Phase 5 | Outputs and dissemination – a) To develop specific and effective outputs; b) To address a cross-approach regarding dissemination of results;