1. To share, with European citizens, vernacular architecture quality and its intangible local know-how, regarding preservation of fabric authenticity and integrity in World Heritage sites.
  2. To explore the inhabited heritage experience through different dimensions.
  3. To interconnect architecture, history and intangible culture with creativity and technology, in a genuine trans-disciplinary way.
  4. Bring to light vernacular and traditional know-how to the new generations through interactive and digital technologies.
  5. To enhance and to preserve the intangible building culture of WHS in Europe.
  6. To stimulate and to improve the cultural sector regarding heritage knowledge across Europe.

Specific Aims

The core idea is to work on the inhabited vernacular dwellings of World Heritage sites, and:

  1. To distinguish and share the experience on how the dwellings are inhabited and physically maintained nowadays;
  2. To define and disseminate site processes, regarding case study buildings and their local building culture;
  3. To develop new interactive ways to transfer knowledge to new audiences, considering creative and technological approaches.